What is a quantum computer?

What is a quantum computer?

In today’s time, computers have become an important part of our lives. Be it any field, be it education or space science show, computers are being used everywhere and it is not possible to do any work without computers these days. So ever since the computer was created, its size has been getting smaller and its capacity has been increasing. You must have noticed that the chip of your mobile which used to be 1 GB in 2010 is the same size chip that you are getting today of 1 terabyte, so you can get an idea of ​​how fast technology is progressing.

Although computers have been becoming more powerful ever since they were made, still the computers you are using today have some limitations such as power consumption and power consumption. Today, many companies like Google and IBM are developing quantum physics ( Using Quantum Physics), they are making such computers which you can call computers of the future and we call these computers quantum computers.

How does a quantum computer work?

The way quantum computers work is quite unique. It uses the laws and principles of quantum physics. Let me give you a simple explanation –

Qubit: The basic unit of a quantum computer is called a qubit. It is represented as a qubit. The qubit can be in a state of superposition and entanglement instead of a program bit (0 or 1).

Superposition: Through superposition, the qubit can communicate multiple states at the same time. That is, it can represent both 0 and 1 simultaneously. When we read the state of the qubit, we get the probability of a number determined in one of its contexts.

Entanglement: Entanglement is a special property through which two qubits can become simultaneously associated. When the state of one qubit changes, the other qubit may also be affected.

Quantum computers use these principles to complete multiple tasks in parallel. It is extremely fast and powerful compared to ordinary computers.

How fast is a quantum computer?

While bits are represented as 0 and 1, qubits can be represented as up and down or both simultaneously. Even when qubits are not physically connected to each other, they are still able to exchange information using quantum entanglement or quantum teleportation.

It is said that the calculation power of a 40 cubic quantum computer will be equal to today’s current supercomputers and it will be able to calculate data much faster than today’s supercomputers.

use of quantum computers :

At present, quantum computer has not been fully developed and it has not been prepared for the common user, hence quantum computer is being used in very few places, whose names are as follows –

  1. in the field of meteorology
  2. in space science
  3. in the field of secure communications

Why do we need quantum computers?

We need quantum computers because they can help us solve some problems that are not possible with classical computers. This may make possible the development of problems such as strong cryptography. Apart from this, quantum computing is also useful for powerful analysis, which can help us solve complex issues in the future.

Benefits of quantum computer :

  1. high speed solutions
  2. advanced cryptography
  3. Parallelization of processes
  4. special advancement

Applications of quantum computing :

Following are the applications of quantum computer –

  1. technical security
  2. disaster management
  3. secure communication
  4. Meteorology
  5. Research
  6. in the field of medicine
  7. space science

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