What is Artificial Intelligence (AI), its types, advantages and disadvantages-

What is Artificial Intelligence  –

Friends, in the world of Internet, we know very well that ever since the advent of devices like computers till today, we have used it with great enthusiasm in various fields.

Now the situation has become such that we entrust all our small, big and complex tasks to computers. Or we can say that like Aladdin’s lamp, we have become completely dependent on the computer which is helping us. This is the reason that the increasing needs of humans have greatly increased the capacity of these devices

If we understand the reason for its popularity as an example, then its speed, its size and its working capacity etc. complete your work in the blink of an eye, which also saves a lot of your time.

But do you know what is Artificial Intelligence ? what is it used for:  

How does this work? If you do not have much information related to Artificial Intelligence then it does not matter because in today’s article we are going to give detailed information on this topic.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced technology by which devices are given the ability to learn and understand automatically. With the help of AI, the memory of the computer becomes so upgraded that the computer also starts thinking, understanding and working like humans. This experiment is mainly done with computer system only.

In simple words, Artificial Intelligence means developing the ability to think, understand and take decisions in the machine. Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the most advanced form of Computer Science and in it a brain (Memory) is created in which the computer can think like humans.

Just like you give any instruction to the computer, it shows the result as per your instruction, all this is possible due to Artificial Intelligence

What is the full form of AI?

You must have heard about AI but do you know about the full form of AI? If not, then for your information let us tell you that the full form of AI is Artificial Intelligence.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence :

In the advanced world we live in today, there are many examples of Artificial Intelligence, some of the selected and best examples are as follows.

  1. Siri (Virtual Assistant of Apple Company)
  2. Voice Search
  3. Google Map
  4. Tesla Motors
  5. Echo (Amazon Product)
  6. Marketing Automation Software

Let’s learn a little more about these great examples so you can understand Artificial Intelligence more clearly.

Apple Siri :

“Siri” is a Virtual Assistant Program of Apple company which is currently available only for iPhone and iPad. This is the most popular voice assistant at the moment. You can order it for any of your work by saying Hey Siri. This program can make calls, calendars, alarms, set time, send messages and do other tasks for you.

Like Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Assistant are also examples of Artificial Intelligence.

Google Map:

You too must have used Google Map many times to reach the right destination, but have you ever wondered how this application shows you the right path. Actually, this is also a miracle of Artificial Intelligence which scans the information of any road through Google Map AI and using algorithm tells the user the right route, time taken to reach the location etc.

Every day millions of people around the world find their way through Google Maps.

All these facilities have become possible only through AI . Apart from all this, hundreds of examples of Artificial Intelligence are present around us today.

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

The process of AI generally involves only three processes which are as follows:

Learning:- In this process, information has to be stored in the memory of the devices and at the same time they are also trained about some rules, so that they can complete any work according to the given rules.

Reasoning:- If we talk about Reasoning, then under this the information is provided to the devices that they have to show the result as per the given rules.

Self-Correction:- In this process of AI Programming, the algorithms are designed to be continuously fine-tuned so that they can produce accurate results.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

The advantages/benefits of AI are as follows –

  • Reduces human errors.
  • Completes heavy data tasks in less time.
  • Keeps giving results continuously.
  • Takes decisions fast.
  • Available 24 X 7.
  • Makes human tasks easier.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence:

AI is being used in many fields. Below we have told you about some of the major uses of AI:

  • computer gaming
  • machine learning
  • automation tools
  • intelligent robots
  • machine vision
  • Self-driving cars
  • speech recognition

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence:

Following are some possible disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence –

  • Creating AI is a very expensive and time-consuming task.
  • Only expert technicians can create AI.
  • With the advent of AI, humans are becoming lazy.
  • As AI is developing, the problem of unemployment is increasing all over the world.


Friends, AI has been in the news continuously for the last few years due to various reasons and issues. In today’s article, you have got AI and all the basic information related to Artificial Intelligence, which will help you in understanding AI .

Movies based onAI like Star Wars, I Robot, Terminator, Blade Runner etc. have been made in Hollywood, from these you can also get a better idea of ​​what the concept of Artificial Intelligence really is. Famous actor Rajinikanth’s Indian film “Robot” is also based on Artificial Intelligence.

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