What is The  UI and UX ?

Introduction Of UI And UX :

At present, like other different professions, there is a lot of demand for UI and UX designing profession, the main reason for this is that these days the number of internet users and educated people has increased very rapidly, that is why we need to understand what is UI and UX design. ? Information about this must be obtained

There is no problem in saying that since the advent of 4G internet in the last few years, internet has become much cheaper and internet is now available even in the smallest villages and towns, due to which these days smartphones, The number of internet users has increased rapidly, due to which tech companies have also grown rapidly.

Along with this, many new tech companies have also started, in such a situation, to grow a tech company, a good UI i.e. user interface and a good UX i.e. user experience are required, all these things can be done in a better way. Only a UI and UX designer can do it.

That is why in the present time, the need of UX and UI designer is increasing very fast, in such a situation, it is important for us to know what is UI and UX design and what is a UI and UX designer to move ahead with the internet, so let’s go. Now we start getting all the information related to UX and UI Designing.

What is UX designing:

The full name of UX is User Experience, it is the user’s experience of how the user is feeling when he is using your system or service, the user’s experience is tracked to improve the user’s experience. And on the basis of that, the user interaction of the system or service is designed so that the user’s experience can be improved, this entire process is called UX designing.

Under UX designing, what kind of experience a user experiences when he enters the system or service is ascertained, such as if the user disappears from the system or service as soon as the user enters the system or service. Then it shows that the UX of the system is not so good, it needs to be further improved, after which all the terms related to UX are improved.

If you are not able to understand UX designing then let us try to understand it with an example in simple language, like we often use different mobiles, out of which we do not like to use some mobiles so much. There are some mobiles which feel very good to use. Now whatever you felt while using different types of mobiles, this is the UX i.e. User Experience of all those mobiles and the process of improving UX is what we call UX designing.

Functions of UX Designer –

A UX designer has different tasks related to user experience which are as follows

  • Does research about the user.
  • Finds out about user problems.
  • Understands the intentions of the users.
  • Does competitive analysis.
  • Creates wireframes.
  • Prepares prototypes
  • Functions of UI Designer –

The job of a UI designer is to improve the user interface, but for this he has to do many other tasks which are as follows –

Makes the interface of the product or service easier.

Designs the layouts of the product or service.

Makes the looks of the product or service attractive.

All the elements present in the product or service that interact with the user are designed in such a way that the user can understand them immediately.

How to learn UX and UI designing?

If you want to become a UX and UI designer by learning UX and UI designing, then let us tell you that at present there are many ways with the help of which we can learn them.

With the help of offline institute:

If you want to learn UX and UI designing from Basic to Advance, then for this you should join an offline institute, through this you can learn UX and UI designing, in this you will have to learn UX and UI designing completely. Certificate will also be provided which you may need in future.

At present, there are many offline institutes through which you can learn UX and UI designing and become a UX and UI designer.

Learn UX and UI Designing Online :

At present, online is also a way with the help of which we can learn UX and UI designing, but in this you will have to work a lot because if you are learning from home with the help of internet, then it is possible that you will not get practical information. If it is less, then you will need to practice it again and again on your own.

To learn UX and UI designing online, at present there are many EdTech platforms on which you can learn UX and UI designing by purchasing paid courses, such as



Knowledgehut etc.

If you want to learn for free, then at present very few courses in UX and UI designing are available for free. There are very few free courses on UX and UI designing available on YouTube, on which you are taught UX and UI designing at a basic level.

Conclusion :

Now we have tried to explain to you in detail all the information related to UX and UI Designing through this article, hopefully after reading it you will now know what UI and UX Designing is. Now finally we just want to tell you that UX and UI designing is a process by which a product or service is made easy to use for the user.

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