What is Video Streaming? How does it work?

There was a time when information was given to people through text and images on a website. The text along with the images was designed in such a way that people could understand it easily. There are some topics which were very difficult to explain with just text and images. To explain such problems properly, video streaming technology had to be introduced.

As soon as video streaming technology came into existence, it became quite famous and its demand also started increasing rapidly. Seeing the increasing demand for video streaming, YouTube was created which is the best video streaming website till date.

What is Video Streaming?

When a video is played and watched online on any website through the Internet, the playing video is called Video Streaming. There is no need to download such a video, it can be watched without downloading. It looks exactly like the program playing on your TV. You cannot control the video on TV but you can completely control the streaming video by doing Pause, Play, Stop, Forward, Backward etc.

How does Video Streaming work?

In video streaming, video packets are sent and received through the Internet with the help of standard IP protocols on the request of the user client. Whenever you request a video on a platform like YouTube, it buffers for a while and then you get to watch the video. Actually, parts of videos are loaded and shown in this buffer. This process happens so fast that you feel as if the video is playing live.

For streaming, Server and Player Software (website or application where video plays) are made for this technology only. To make this process super fast, a special type of CDN is used.

Some Popular Platform of Video Streaming:

Let us now know those platforms which have become quite popular in a short time-

Free Platform:

  • Youtube
  • facebook video
  • hotstar
  • JioTV
  • Jio Cinema
  • Voot

Premium Platform:

  • netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Alt Balaji
  • Owl
  • Hotstar VIP
  • sony liv

Something about video streaming :

Video streaming requires a high-speed internet connection so that the video can play uninterrupted. By streaming video, users can stream their favorite content during video, while audio content is already stored while streaming.

Video streaming is used by websites, mobile apps, television set-top boxes, and content providers. This allows users to watch video content in real-time without having to download it completely.

Some facts about video streaming :

  • Video streaming requires a high-speed Internet connection,
  • Live streaming and on-demand streaming are the two major types of video streaming. In live streaming, the video is broadcast in real-time, whereas in on-demand streaming, the video is stored in advance and the user watches it as per his choice.
  • Video streaming uses servers to store video data and display content to users.

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