What is algo trading? Algo trading, also known as algorithmic trading, is an electronic financial market trading process in which trades are executed by computer programs.  These computer programs work on predetermined algorithms (algorithms) to make trading decisions based on market data.  These algorithms help in taking decisions for trade rules, timing, price or volume. … Read more

What is Whatsapp Broadcast? How to create a Broadcast And ?How does it works

Whatsapp Broadcast is a feature with the help of which any person can send private messages to many people simultaneously.  This is completely different from WhatsApp group, in this you create a broadcast list and send a message, then that message goes personally to all the people.

What is Data Science? Uses of Data Science

What is Data Science?  Data science is the branch of computer science that is used to analyze data.  Through data science, important information is obtained by collecting data, for which various methods are used.  Scientific methods and algorithmic systems are also mainly used in this so that better analysis can be obtained.  If data science … Read more

What is 3d printing?

3D printing is basically a manufacturing technique used to create three-dimensional objects.

 For this, basically a three-dimensional object is designed in digital format.  After this it is obtained in physical form through 3D printer.

 Printers used in 3D printing are based on additive manufacturing technology.

What is facial recognition technology? And How does it works

Facial recognition technology is actually a part of biometric technology which helps in identifying a person from his face. People also recognize it as Biometric Artificial Intelligence base application, which is used to identify a person according to the shape of his eye retina, nose, face. Facial recognition system is used to identify people in a photo, video or in real time.

What is Bitcoin? And How Does It Works .

Bitcoin is a digital currency which works completely free, that is, no bank or government has control over it. A currency which is completely virtual. You can also consider it as an online version of cash. Since Bitcoin is a decentralized digital cash, peer-to-peer computer network is used to complete all its transactions, that is, … Read more

What is Cyber ​​Security? Its types, benefits and importance

Cyber ​​Security or Cyber ​​Safety is a kind of security which is a security for the systems connected to the Internet. Through this, the data of Hardware and Software is made more secure so that data does not get stolen in any way and all the documents and files remain safe.

How to Buy Car Insurance Online

A car insurance policy is a type of insurance that protects the motorist from financial risk that might arise from an accident. When buying a policy, the best place to do it is online. You will find that the process is fast, convenient and the rates are lower than those offered by traditional insurers. In … Read more

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