What is Data Science? Uses of Data Science

What is Data Science?

 Data science is the branch of computer science that is used to analyze data.  Through data science, important information is obtained by collecting data, for which various methods are used.  Scientific methods and algorithmic systems are also mainly used in this so that better analysis can be obtained.  If data science is understood in simple language, it is like extracting gold from a heap of garbage.

 Data science is an insight technique that collects organized and unstructured data and conducts organized analysis.  It is mainly used in business, health, social sciences and other fields.  Data Scientist involves some core techniques which are related to data analysis and data mining.  In a way, it is a combination of those sciences which transmit data.

 Data Scientist is mainly used in business.  For example, it helps businesses get more information about their customers.  Data Scientist helps in understanding the likes and requirements of their customers.

example of data science :

 Understanding the example of data science is not a difficult task.  By using data science in our daily routine, we are provided with facilities which are better and easier for us.  There are many OTT platforms which try to give the best experience to the users by using data science.

 Whenever you watch videos on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar, Jio Cinema, Zee5, you must have often seen that the same type of video is shown in a video.  Apart from this, you can see the same type of advertisements on other social media platforms as per the type of query you searched, this is all the work of Data Science.

 If we talk about another example, then the option of Auto Correction or Auto Suggest is seen in your mobile keyboard in which the correct word is suggested even if the user types wrongly.  This is also a wonder of data science, in which data is analyzed and predictions are given.

How does a Data Scientist work?

 After this the question comes that how does data science work?  To understand this we will have to take an example.  Just as diamonds are extracted from a coal mine, in the same way information is extracted using some data science.  Here you might be wondering how difficult it is to get information through data science, then the answer is no, because in the present time many such machines have come which automatically analyze the data and provide the correct output.  In this sequence, Artificial Intelligence is being developed in the future which can give correct information by analyzing big data with the use of data science.

 In data science, big letters are analyzed and information is extracted from them. For this, various methods are used like Algorithm, Scientific Method.  To complete this process, Data Scientists who are very skilled have more knowledge of subjects like Data Engineering, Mathematics Programming and they analyze the data and extract the right information from it.

 Correct information cannot be obtained only with the help of machines, that is why Data Scientist collects related data around that problem.  After that, deep analysis is done only after completing the further process.  Finally the analyze result is announced.  For the purpose of predicting data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are also used.

Efforts are being made to make the process of finding out even easier:

 Experts even believe that now the Artificial Intelligence machine will automatically analyze the big data and will also respond to it, this will bring more profit in the business.  Data scientists will also have the opportunity to make a quantum leap in the future.

 According to Forbes, Data Scientist has become one of the most secure jobs in the world and a huge effort is being made to add cyber security to it.  As the world is moving towards digital.  Similarly, we can see that the number of hackers is also increasing and the risk of data theft is also increasing.  Keeping this problem in mind, Data Scientist will be the best and safest job in the future.

 Data Scientists will be hired to handle large scale data.  Apart from this, it would not be right to say that Data Scientists will be completely transformed into machines, rather efforts will be made to make the work easier with the help of Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Who is a Data Scientist?

 A highly skilled person who analyzes data is a data scientist who has knowledge of subjects like Data Engineering, Social Science, Technology, Deep Learning Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc.  Data Scientists are very active with data and are ready to solve problems.

 Data Scientist emphasizes on mining and analyzing the data and along with this, after collecting and analyzing big data, they draw conclusions.  This type of data scientist is called expert.

Use of Data Science?

 At present, data science is being used by big businesses and social media platforms.  In this, data is collected using data and after analysis, final output is given after prediction.  We have described the major areas in which data science is used below.

 Data science has been used in major speech recognition systems like Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri.  These systems provide results by visualizing the user’s data.

 In Self Driving Car, data science is used to recognize other vehicles moving in traffic light, road direction etc.

 Google uses data science to improve its search engine.  Google tries to give better results through the user data collected by it. Apart from this, you must have seen the option of Spam Folder in your Gmail in Google, that too is done with the help of data science.

 Some major transport companies like OLA & Uber also use Data Science to set Weather, Traffic and Price etc.

Conclusion ;

 I hope that the information given by us about what is Data Science?, how does it work?, who is a Data Scientist?, what is the use of Data Science and all the information related to it was beneficial for you.  Friends, Data Science can also become the most used branch of Computer Science in the coming time.  Companies in the world are doing marketing through data analysis.  In short, Data Science will be at its peak in the future.  Apart from this, if you have any question related to this post, you can comment below and if you like the post, please share it on your social media.

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