What are e-cigarettes? How they Work And Risks.

E-cigarette use is unsafe for children, teens, and young adults. Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and can harm teen brain development. Apart from nicotine, e-cigarettes may also contain other harmful substances. Young people who use it may be more likely to smoke cigarettes in the future.

What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are electronic devices that heat a liquid and create an aerosol, or a mixture of tiny particles in the air. E-cigarettes come in many sizes. Most contain a battery, a heating element, and a space to hold the liquid. Some e-cigarettes look like regular cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Some look like USB flash drives, pens and other daily use items. E-cigarettes are known by many different names.

Resembling a traditional cigarette, an e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that inhales air mixed with nicotine and other chemicals. It is available in flavors such as chocolate and strawberry, which are prohibited for use in traditional cigarettes because these flavors appeal to teenagers.

E-cigarettes linked to mental health symptoms:

Youth may turn to vaping to cope with stress or anxiety, leading to a cycle of nicotine dependence. But nicotine addiction can be a source of stress. The most common reasons youth give for continuing to use e-cigarettes are feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed. E-cigarette and cigarette use can lead to depression such as

Lungs also at risk from e-cigarettes:

(IANS) E-cigarettes are a common way to get rid of cigarette addiction, but the substances used for different flavors in e-cigarettes can also cause disturbances in the functioning of your lungs.

A new study has revealed that due to these substances used to create flavours, important cellular functions of the lungs start changing. Of the 13 flavors the researchers tested, five were found to have adverse effects on the lungs.

Nicotine addiction is increasing among teenagers due to e-cigarettes:

(IANS) E-cigarettes have been promoted as a way to quit traditional cigarettes, but a new study finds that they are increasing addiction to traditional cigarettes and nicotine among teenagers.

According to the study report published in the research journal ‘JAMA Pediatrics’, teenagers who use e-cigarettes are more likely to become addicted to it than those who quit cigarettes.

risk of heart disease :

According to the journal published in the American College of Cardiology, the amount of nicotine in e-cigarettes may be low, but the flavoring present in it affects the functioning of blood vessels, which increases the risk of heart disease.

harmful for pregnant women:

Vaping is very dangerous for pregnant women as it has a bad effect on their unborn child. It is not advisable to drink it around small children as the harmful vapors affect their brain development.

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