What is facial recognition technology? And How does it works

Nowadays the technology available in smartphones has become quite advanced. A lock system was introduced so that no one other than us could use the phone. After some time, technology progressed further and fingerprint scanner came. Now the situation is such that just by placing the smartphone in front of the face, the lock of the phone opens. How does the phone open with just the face? What is the technology behind it? The answer is facial recognition technology. Let us know what it is and how it works.

What is facial recognition technology?

Facial recognition technology is actually a part of biometric technology which helps in identifying a person from his face. People also recognize it as Biometric Artificial Intelligence base application, which is used to identify a person according to the shape of his eye retina, nose, face. Facial recognition system is used to identify people in a photo, video or in real time.

How does technology work?

Facial recognition technology works on an algorithmic scale, where you recognize the face you see, but the technology sees the face data. That data can be stored and accessed. This technology opens the lock of the phone by reading the data. Nowadays, this technology is being used for security in most of the smartphones.

Automatic facial recognition system has been approved in India to make the police service more useful and empowered and to investigate and detect crime in a prompt and timely manner.The main problem with the face verification process is that it has little chance of getting 100 percent accurate results. Under this, identity is expressed in possibilities.

However, the accuracy of facial recognition has improved over the years due to modern machine learning algorithms. But still there is a possibility of error in this.

Concerns :

However, in the modern context, automated facial recognition systems are necessary to tackle crimes. But this cannot be completely trusted.

The use of this technology is questionable in the absence of a strong data protection law or clear guidelines. Through this, there is a need to clarify who will be kept in the monitoring list and for how long their data will be retained.

In modern times, facial recognition technology is needed to control crimes, but without accountability and monitoring, there is a strong possibility of misuse of this system.

Conclusion :

Facial recognition technology can prove to be a decisive step towards controlling crimes, but it is important to keep other important aspects in mind as well. The lack of accuracy of the results of this technology can have a serious impact on the lives of the suspects. For this, it is necessary to ensure high level of accuracy, transparency and security in its use.

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