What is Ebook? And How Does It Works

What is Ebook?

Friends, what does Ebook mean? Actually, it means digital book which can be read in computer, laptop and mobile. In simple language, an electronic book which is a digital form of normal books i.e. a book which is electronic.

Friends, you can buy eBooks online through the internet, apart from this many eBooks are also available for free on the internet. Most eBooks come in PDF file format.

With the increase in internet usage over time, the number of eBook users has also increased. An e Book file is created in such a way that no other person can make changes to it. Generally, most e-books come in PDF, EBUP, and AZW formats. All these are types of formats of a document. Now you must have understood what is called eBook.

What is the full form of ebook?

The full form of eBook is “electronic book”.

Features of eBook :

For starters, eBooks are files that you can read on a digital device – a tablet, smartphone, computer, etc. But again, unlike other files that can be read on digital devices (word documents), eBooks have unique features that set them apart.

What are the differences between e-book and normal book?

The simple and straightforward difference between an e-book and a normal book is that an e-book can be read only on an electronic device. Whereas physical books can be read by touching them. Apart from this, I have mentioned many features of eBook which differentiate it from normal books.

What are the benefits of eBook?

eBook is very beneficial. An eBook feels more comfortable to read than a normal book. Let us know, what are the benefits of eBook?

1. Friends, it is very easy to carry an eBook anywhere because it is saved digitally in your device. A person who travels frequently and is fond of reading books. This is very beneficial for them. He can read many ebooks on his phone itself.

2. The file size of E Books is also less, hence it does not occupy much storage in your phone.

3. You can zoom in as per requirement to read the page of the e Book.

4. If you want to find something in the eBook, you can easily find it by using the find option in the document.

5. It is very easy to share electronic books. You can share it with your friends in one click.

6. You can store many e-books on one device, you can even create an entire digital library on your device.

Disadvantages of e-book :

Just as there are many advantages of e-book, it also has some disadvantages which are given below –

1. If seen, there are many e-books on the internet which are available absolutely free. But do you know that there are some eBooks whose price is much higher than physical books. Therefore, one of its major disadvantages is that the price of some of its eBooks is very high.

2. Reading an e-book does not provide the same enjoyment that one gets from reading books.

3. Currently, there are many eBooks on the Internet, due to which it has become very difficult to sell a book written by a good author. What’s more, you don’t get much money by selling e-books.

4. We can read e-books in electric devices, due to which our eyes also get damaged. Apart from this, there are many other problems, like headache etc.

Where to download eBook for free?

You will find many websites on the internet from where you can download ebooks absolutely free. As-

  1. Gutenberg
  2. Books.Google
  3. FreeTechBooks
  4. Oreilly
  5. Coderholic
  6. en.wikibooks
  7. FreeBooks4
  8. Siyavula etc

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