What is WhatsApp Channel and how is it different from Group?

You can consider WhatsApp Channels as a one-way broadcast tool, especially for admins, using which they can easily send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls to their subscribers. You can see these channels in a new tab called Updates on WhatsApp. Here you can see the status of those channels that you have selected and follow. These are completely different from your family, friends, and communities chats.

If you are a Telegram user, then you must be aware of how this “Channel” works. WhatsApp has also finally adopted the same approach in its messaging app. Through these WhatsApp Channels, you can convey your message to all your subscribers or followers at the same time.

Key Features of WhatsApp Channel:

Having Enhanced Security:

It is a good thing for the admins of any channel that your personal data like phone number, address will not go to others in any way. Special care has been taken of your privacy, both of Admin and Followers.


For any channel posts, you can directly react with stickers and emojis to give your feedback.

Forwarding Access:

Anyone can easily share the link of any channel’s post with their friends. There will also be an additional link with other channels, which are from the same domain, to increase interaction.

Can anyone create a WhatsApp channel?

Yes, anyone can create a WhatsApp channel. To create a channel, users must have a WhatsApp account and be using the latest version of WhatsApp.

According to WhatsApp Help Center, users can create a channel if they want, for which they have to go to WhatsApp Web and click on “Create Channel.” Then users will have to complete all types of prompts so that they can easily create a channel for themselves.

Why many people are not able to use WhatsApp Channels ?

Here below I have told about some such methods by which you too can easily use WhatsApp Channels in your phone.

Update your WhatsApp :

You should update your WhatsApp App as soon as possible. With this, your problem will end soon, so immediately go to Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Reinstall your WhatsApp:

You must uninstall your WhatsApp once and then reinstall it, which will solve your WhatsApp problem to a great extent.

Clear WhatsApp Cache:

If you do not see the Updates tab, then you must clear the WhatsApp app cache if you use an Android device. For this you will have to force restart WhatsApp on Android. iOS users must reinstall this messaging app.

Can anyone get a channel admin’s personal information?

No, WhatsApp has launched this new feature with an extra-secure layer for both admins and admins to protect personal information like phone number, address, etc.

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